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Creative & creatures

I have called this picture Beautybell. They move around and can be hard to focus on. Especially since they are transparent. I managed to get this shot at the house reef at Gulen dive center on the west coast of Norway. It is taken with my D70, 50mm Sigma macro at f16 1/100.
This picture is not as creative as it looks. They grow everywhere in Norway. Its is just a matter of lighting, like it always is in photography. Taken off Nesoddtangen, Oslo.  50mm macro, f14, 1/100, ISO 200.

Sometimes the lighting just gets right and is hard to reproduce. This was one of these times. This bushy-backed seaslug was about 2cm long moving slowly about outside of Tjøme, Norway.  Taken with a 50mm makro lens, 1/100 at f11.
Snails can be beautiful. This painted top shell was positioned nicely for photography. Moving very slowly, they allow the photographer to compose the picture as he wants. Being under water doesn't make it easy. This one was photographed at Gulen, Norway with my 50mm 1/100 f25.
Kelp can be found most places in Norway. They are biggest on the west coast and the northern part of Norway. This is taken in Saltstraumen, the worlds strongest natural wirlpool outside Bodø in Norway. The colours have been saturated in Photoshop, but it's not far from the real world. 50mm, f14, 1/80.
Jellyfish from Portør, Norway. Also taken with the 50mm lens. As with  all photographs taken under water you need to be close. They sting, and trying to capture these will give you some sore skin afterwords. With proper lighting they can make nice pictures. This was taken at f20.
A close up of  a hermit crab  just outside Stokmarknes in the Northern part of Norway. The picture is taken during competition dives autumn 2008. I really like this picture myself and use it as a background image on my laptop. The jury was not to happy about it and placed it on 6th place in the makro category. I used the 70mm Sigma lens at f10 and 1/80. Probably my sharpest lens at the sharpest setting. Antenna Hermit Crab