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Fish & faces

This dogfish was captured just outside of Oslo at a dive site called Sjøstrand. This nice kind of shark is often found at this spot. They are easiest to find at daytime when they are sleeping. We have usually seen them at about 15-20 meters depth.  

The picture was taken with Sigmas 18-50mm f2.8 makro lens.  It allowed me to zoom from about 30-50mm in the makroport. This is taken at 46mm f7.1 and 1/40.
Shark from the Oslofjord
This picture was taken at OSDK's (club for sport divers) yearly trip to Portør outside Kragerø, Norway. It was in the beginning of may. This was one of the best dives I ever had in Norway. I clearly remember the whole dive. The Cuckoo wrasse was hiding in a crack for a while but got too curious to stay there.

This was taken with my 50mm Sigma macro lens at f11. Shutter 1/100 at 200 ISO on my D70.

This nudibranch was also photographed at Portør, Norway. I found him at about 10 meters depth klinging on to some kelp in a bit of current. They are usually around this depth close to hydroids which they eat. I used my favourite macro lens (50mm) at f14 to get this shot.

Flatfish can be very calm if you approach them correctly. I took this during a dive at Svestad in Norway with my buddy Christian while my wife was attending her Advanced Open Water Diver course above the surface. Again my 50mm at work at f32 (really don't know why).
Nudibranch can be truly beautiful. Espescially in macro photographs. They are usually just a couple of cm's long which makes them hard to find. The light under water does not do them justice, but the macro lens and some strobes makes us able to really enjoy their cool looks.

This was taken at Gulen which is situated at the west coast of Norway. Taken with 50mm macro at  f29, 1/ 125 with 2 strobes. This was the first picture I tried the program GIMP on.
Pipefish rely heavily on their camouflage in the right surroundings. The are easy to deal with and pose naturally since they are trying to look like seaweed.

I found this on my safety stop at about 5-6meters depth in Portør, Norway. Photographed with 50mm macro lens at f9, 1/100.
Yet another Cuckoo wrasse. This must be the most beautiful fish in Norway. They are usually around 30cm long and there are a lot of them in Kristiansand , Norway during the summer.

This picture was taken there. It was actually my first dive with my 70mm macro lens at f7,1, 1/80, ISO 200.