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Below you will find images that have been published at different occasions. Some are from photo contests while others are published in magazines or newspapers. These are only selected ones. If you are looking for published articles I have written, you will not find them here but wherever it is published. Other articles are here

This picture was my first rewarded picture. It is taken with a compact Sony camera with no flash or other aid at about 30 meters in the Red Sea. The picture won the Wide angle class in a national uwphoto contest summer 2005.
This picture was one of the first pictures I took in Norway with a DSLR. It is a quite rare nudibranch that we found just west of Oslo during a workshop with Espen Rekdal. It is taken with a Nikon D70, 50mm Sigma macro lens (shot a f/11) with 2 Inon flashes at about 24 meters depth. This was placed 3rd in the Macro category in the same contest as the above picture.
This lumpsucker (Rognkall/ rognkjeks in Norwegian)  was photographed during a fantastic dive at Portør, Norway. After about 10 minutes he was quite friendly. He posed for a Nikon D70 with a Sigma 50mm macro lens for a percentage of a second at f/11. I had my to Inons to brighten her teeth. He gave me a second place in the Fish portrait category at the Norwegian uwphoto championship 2005.  The picture also got an honourable mention at the internasjonal uwimages.org 2006 contest.
A newspaper called "Dagsavisen" was doing an article on scuba diving courses late 2006. They wanted me to take some pictures and this was the one they used on a double spread. The model was nice enough to help me feed the fish with a sea urchin. I used my Sigma 10-20mm at 20mm  f5.6 1/40th of a second. My strobes gave color to the diver and the fish he's feeding.
This picture was taken on my 4th dive ever with a DSLR. I picked up my underwater housing in Japan and figured I test it while I was there. I was diving with my favourite guide ever Nobusada. He found this for me and I was equiped with my 50mm macro lens. It still worked out and here I had a f-stop at 16 while the shutter was 1/100. As you can see on his back he was probably sick.