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Tropical underwater photos

In 2004 I had my first diving trip to a tropical place with a digital camera. This was in my opinion the best picture from this trip to Egypt, and also the first picture I delivered in a competition. It won a nation underwater competition for amateurs.

It was taken with a compact camera called Sony DSC-P10 with a simple underwater housing from Sony. The picture has hardly been edited, but is slightly cropped to finetune the composition.

On my trip to Japan to pick up my first underwater photography gear, I had the opportunity to test new equipment. This is taken at the 3rd dive with my D70 and 50mm makro lens. It is one of my favourite fish portraits.

If you look closely you can see on his back that he is sick. Taken at f16, 1/100 and ISO 400.

Manta rays are incredibly popular to see by divers. Maybe because they are so gracious and innocent. They only eat plancton and are not harmful to us.

This one came really close to us on a dive in Mozambique. Me and my wife were the only ones diving with Nitrox and this appeared after all the others left. He was just hovering above me for several minutes.  It looks like he has been bitten by a shark.

It was taken at about 20 meters depth at 13mm with the Tokina fisheye lens.

Nudibranches can be truly beautiful. This one is called Tambja Sagamiana and is photographed in Japan in 2005. I love the velvety look of the surface of his body.

The picture is taken with a Nikon D70, a 50mm makro lens and two strobes.
This fantastic sea fan was found at Sipadan just outside Borneo. It is beautiful and the diving in that area is definetly some of the best in the world. The diver in this picture is my wife who was not totally happy with the hairdo.

The picture was taken with the Sigma 10-20mm at 10, f4 and 1/60th of a second shutter time. I used two Inon strobes for additional lighting.
This is a different sea fan but it looked very similar to the one above. This one is photographed in the Maldives (kuredu). I was intrigued by the labyrinth of small animals trying to collect some food. 
A whale shark passing slowly by at Tofo beach, Mozambique. This one was not of the biggest and was probably around 7 or 8 meters long.  We went for a snorkeling trip and swam with 11 whale sharks in one hour and 15 minutes. We where exhausted and had 6 more sightings that we didn't swim with. What a day.

The photo is taken with Tokinas 10-17mm fisheye lens (12mm here). Only natural lighting.
Whale Shark in Mozambique